The Process
Website Planning

What is your UX plan?

You just had a web site redesign? Is it meeting your expectations? You are not sure if you need a new web site.  Same question. Is it meeting your expectations?

Do you know what you want your web site to do?

Plan for your successWhat do you expect from me and how can I help?

I can’t tell you in five minutes how to increase conversions because your website is unique.  When you hire Kim Krause Berg for any type of usability service, you get two people for the price of one – an advocate for your web site visitors and expert advice and feedback on your plans.

I guarantee you that when you implement the recommendations I give you, your conversions will increase immediately.  Traffic will increase.  The user experience for everyone who arrives to your website will improve because I show you how to create a better information architecture, leading to improved navigation.

Every single piece of advice, every recommendation, every idea to try, every test we do, every action item I provide to you and your team is backed by case studies, heuristics, standards, usability principles, proven conversions techniques, expert methodology and most importantly, delivered with passion and a very high interest in your long-term success online.