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Why Do I Need A Web Site Usability Audit?

There is nothing to fear when ordering a web site review because usability site audits are intended to make sure you own and operate a successful web site.

Think of it like owning a car. If we own an automobile, we are expected to maintain it. Every year we take it into an auto shop to be inspected. If the inspection shows your vehicle is not working where, by law or safety principles it should be, it will not be returned to you to drive unless it is repaired.

Your web site usability inspection will not hold onto your web site, of course, but if you hire an expert to provide testing, you will be provided with solutions and a plan to get your site running smoothly again.

Quick Web Site Maintenance or Usability Overhaul

Like your automobile, regular maintenance entails checking and changing the oil, oil filter, tire pressure and fluids needed for safe daily operation. You can do your own quick checks to make sure your web site is operating efficiently and meeting your requirements for its daily operation. Some of these items can be done by using tools to check for broken links, spell checking, and monitoring your analytics to stay on top of potential issues.

specsYou can also request a web site review for just your homepage, PPC landing pages or templates used for sections of your web site. Depending on the quality of the review, you can expect anything from a basic usability principles check to a more useful conversions review. Find a consultant willing to spend an hour with you on the phone if you are not sure if your web site needs help. The call can answer your questions, satisfy your concerns and doubts or recommend the need for more study.

Which leads to a full web usability site audit. There are many types, and you may want to do your homework before hiring someone to perform your website usability audit. Ask for the methodology used, if metrics are assigned, does it come with graphs, actionable recommendations, and how long is the report? You will be amazed at the variety of usability site audits available to you.

Some will not contain any information on search engine optimization or accessibility standards, which are both very critical parts of a web site. Many audits will list issues but not provide advice on how to repair them. Others are limited in scope due to the lack of expertise of the company providing the site audit. For example, it is rare to find one what includes site performance, application and forms functionality, mobile design testing and conversions design.

Most websites will run, regardless of whether they look good or the insides are rusty, corroded or broken.