Happy Holidays

Get Crackin’! 5 Top Ecommerce Checks for Increased Holiday Sales


It is not too late to review your website for last minute adjustments that will bring an immediate conversions lift just in time for holiday sales.

Happy HolidaysHere 5 quick tips:

1. Add real life use cases to promote sales. It’s easier for us to decide what items to choose when we can visualize using your product. Tell a story. Provide real-life use cases.

2. Allow ratings and user feedback but not just any feedback will do! We identify with people who are like us. Let your reviewers describe themselves, such as their gender, how they used your product, why they chose it, area of the country they live, and even what their hobbies are.

3. Check your competition, often. Everybody is offering free shipping. For 24 hours, slash your price below their price by 10% to 20% just to give you the edge. Promote this 24 hour limited time special everywhere.

4. Be sure all your warranty, shipping, registration, taxes, policies and additional tidbits of information are provided on your product pages before your customers reach the last page of the cart. Nobody likes surprises.

5. Details. Details. The web is so competitive that you must anticipate every customer question and satisfy every wish and desire they have regarding your products and offers. Make your products shine with extra clear photos, long precise descriptions, ratings, reviews, sale prices and the ability to add to wish lists.

The truth is that, especially for small businesses or start-ups, it’s easy to overlook the obvious. Ask friends to take your website for a quick test-drive and ask them what they think you can add. Their feedback is valuable and could result in more sales for you.