User testing helps in finding great feedback.

User Testing Provides Specific Insight and Data


Finding user testing to be out of the question for most companies, I decided to find a way to make an affordable user testing option for any website owner curious about their website visitors’ experience.

Google Analytics tells one side of the story.  Heatmaps and click track studies provide more clues, such as where visitors are looking on a page and what buttons and links they follow.  Page load times, page abandonment rates, time on site, top keywords and top pages are noted in software testing and search engine marketing tools, but there is no human voice explaining what they are thinking or what type of environment they may be in while visiting your site.

While it is easy to put up polls and surveys, the responses vary because many visitors are not interested in taking a few minutes or seconds to fill one out.  If they have a complaint, you are more likely to hear from them.  If they came from a search engine query and did not find what they came for, it is more likely they will return to a search engine to keep searching rather than fill out a survey explaining why they left.
User testing helps in finding great feedback.
User testing enhances a usability audit because it includes real feedback from participants paid for their time on your site.  Their responses are often detailed, making the input highly valuable to your team.

I’ve found that participants have never before seen the site they are testing and respond by saying they will recommend it to friends and family and bookmark it for their own use.  By inviting them to conduct tasks or rate their experiences, you indicate that your company is customer service oriented.  This is a value proposition that your competitors may claim but are unable to prove.

How Can User Testing Be Affordable?

I tested a variety of user testing services and was dismayed at their pricing and quality of results.  It’s often critical to obtain participants that you can choose rather than random people who are not your target customer.  For example, certain types of web sites in the financial verticals specialize and utilize user terminology not understood by the mainstream public.  Those participants will not understand what to do, or why.

Sometimes testing to see if your website theme and product is understandable is the actual test.  User testing in these cases is enlightening because participants respond differently to websites for products or services they have never heard of as opposed to those who are familiar with your company.

At Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC, the affordable approach to user testing is done by asking participants to conduct a series of tasks and answering questions such as ratings or multiple choice.  They are invited to explain how they might improve the site or what might make it easier for them to use.  In addition, they are asked to describe anything that bothered them.

This is something you don’t get from software tools.

Once your test is setup and run, the raw data belongs to you.  I compile it into a coherent report and if you have a usability audit performed by me, user testing feedback is inserted into sections to help illustrate or highlight areas of concern or success.

One user test consisting of up to 3 tasks and 5 additional questions with 125 participants starts at $1250 and includes setup, implementation, data, and analysis.  Order your user testing service today.


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