Long boardwalk going to ocean.

It’s Not Just “Can They Use My Site”


When I perform usability and user experience audits or am hired to set up user testing, my starting point is not a simple “can they use it” or “can they find what they want” procedure.

While many issues fall into this category, there are additional areas for user experience that take a website from being a bystander on the side of the pond, to being the boat with happy people swaying in the center of the pond with a long line of paying customers wishing to board the boat.

Long boardwalk going to ocean.A website is not a “that”.  It is a “want”.

And this is why marketers fail in their efforts.  Keywords are “that’s.  Conversions design trigger words are “wants”.  Product images are “that’s.  Persuasive product images that show how it is used, close ups of craftsmanship, the tread of a shoe, and a link to a video demo are a “want”.

A website is not a “what”.  It is a “why”.

A website is a “why”, which is more important to us than “how” sometimes.  Since websites tend to follow the same layout protocols, we know how to contact, how to buy, and how to register.  What we really want to know is why we should.  It always amazes me that SEO’s don’t ask their clients why anyone should choose their client.  They are not hired to ask that.  They are hired to promote the “what”.

Is your website the boat?

Photo credit unsplash.com