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What Does Usability Mean to Internet Marketers and Software Developers?


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When you see an article on usability, what comes to your mind? The answer may depend on what you do. Usability has different meanings to web designers, Internet marketers and software developers.

There are various terms shared by online marketers, application developers and user centered web designers that mean different things and each may be applied differently. For example, user personas. I was surprised to meet an SEO at a conference a few years ago who creates user personas for SEO, but the practice of doing it is not the same how I create them for usability clients.

Another shared term is accessibility. The way I use the word is different from how SEO’s and software developers apply it. A talk on conversions presented by a digital marketer will not have the same content as the topic when presented by a persuasive web designer. Mobile, responsive and adaptive design are labels that are applied in various discussions, articles and talks, but each means something different to the listener or reader.

I’d like to research this more.

What are various applications for the term usability? How do you use it in your work? Have you ever had trouble communicating with a team of people when using phrases like accessibility, mobile, and user personas or is your work environment unified in the definitions, application and practices for them? Feel free to comment here or tell me more here. I’d like to explore this and write up an article to share my findings.


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