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Web Marketing Checklist For Site Owners on Strict Budgets


Checklists for website owners on strict budgets are life savers.  Digital marketing, search engine marketing, off-line marketing, social media marketing and more are terms you may hear, but don’t understand.

What kinds of marketing do you need?

Is it something you can do or teach yourself?

Take a breath.  You are absolutely not alone and help is out there.  Affordable, expert, generous, accurate help.

While I strongly encourage hiring a professional internet marketer, some experts can be expensive.  When I was starting out I relied on free help and generous people willing to mentor me.  However, that was 20 years ago.  In those days, more people were learning together.  There was value in sharing our discoveries in forums and less fear of making mistakes in front of everyone because we were all figuring out how to promote our web pages.

Google Does Not Cold Call You

It’s important to understand that the moment you put up a website, you become an instant target for unscrupulous marketers who prey on inexperienced site owners.  One of the more recent scams that I’m asked about concerns unsolicited sales calls from someone (0r a robotic voice) claiming to be Google and offering you the opportunity to get your website ranked in the number one position.

Google doesn’t make money by organically ranking websites, nor do they ever, ever call anyone offering SEO services.  Hang up.

Internet Marketing is Competitive

If you have money for advertising, you can pay for the top positions in any search engine or participate in business marketplaces.  You can purchase ads that appear in searches for your type of service.  Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is more difficult because it requires specific skills, adhering to guidelines that don’t get your pages penalized from search engines, and a long-term commitment to staying on top of the changes in search engine technology and algorithms.  It’s a job and if you are not ready to fill that role, hire a professional with a proven track record of success.

Or buy this book.

I recommend Stoney deGeyter’s book because he did the work for you.  It’s an incredible compilation of tasks and actions you should take if you wish to promote your website on your own.  For less than $10 US dollars you have a checklist created by a professional web marketing consultant with years of expertise, excellent reputation and proven successes for his clients.

On a budget? This book will make a tremendous difference in your website’s success. Treat yourself or a friend today.

The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!

The guide includes 36 checklists with more than 600 web marketing action points that deliver online success. The checklist covers web marketing strategies for areas including as design considerations, site architecture, conversion optimization, website optimization (SEO), website advertising (pay per click or PPC), content writing and social media strategy.