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A Career in The Midst of Change


Returning to being a consultant has been anything but easy. I almost quit. But instead, I started a new business that has nothing to do with tech.

Flapping in the Breeze

Clothes pins on a lineSince 2012, when I sold Cre8asiteforums to Internet Marketing Ninjas, nothing with my work life has been routine. The one constant is that I’m a workaholic, compounded by an urgent desire to know everything under the sun. But, whenever I applied for employment in towns near where I live, I was turned away. My heart is broken and remains so, when you consider that I’m still added to those articles that feature “pioneers”, “women in tech” and “UX people to follow”.

Sure, I pick up usability testing gigs from SEO’s who get clients with websites unable to climb Google’s Mount Everest without help. But, these projects don’t come often enough. Not like they used to. And the oddest part is that when I announced that I was leaving the industry last year, work picked up.

But, that was a brief tornado. These days have been more like I’m a bed sheet pinned to a clothesline flapping in the breeze. Sometimes I’m asked to make a quick WordPress site for a local person, so I’m pulled off the clothesline, used, and then washed and hung back up again.

Done With The Belly Button Gazing

I’m one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met, which has meant endless meditation and pondering my navel as to what I’m doing wrong. I went through the phases of mourning a death and the death is my own career. I didn’t even know I was sick.

Reaching out for answers confused me even more. In the end, it boiled down to if I want steady work, I need to relocate, find the fountain of youth and stop growing older, change my gender, learn 20 new programming languages, ignore every non-compete contract I ever signed, and my favorite, “Create a resume that makes you look less experienced.”

Peaceful Wraps
Visit PeacefulWraps.com to learn more about my story.

Finding Peace, Starting New

One of my scented head wraps.
Kim modeling a lavender scented head wrap.

I realized that often when I’m mentioned anywhere online it serves someone else.

My other moment of clarity came when I made gifts for my family and friends at Christmas. I taught myself how to make scented flaxseed and rice neck and knee wraps and despite the imperfections of those first efforts, they were received with incredible joy.

It hit me that I had found something to do that was appreciated and I wanted to feel that again.

So I dove into the art and science of sewing and how to battle it out with knits, piping and the ever mysterious thing called “cutting in a straight line.”

My friends urged me to start a business to make more. I sent some wraps to comrades in the SEO industry who I thought would like a gift to help with the pain they are in. I was encouraged to engineer a horse pad to soothe a horse’s back muscles after riding. I invented lavender scented turban style head wraps that are such a surprise hit that my daughter created a new Instagram account for me to promote them and all the items I’ve been making.

I am learning how to be the owner of PeacefulWraps.com

Because the person who most needs the healing is me.