Kim and Matt during podcast

Kim Krause Berg Podcast Series and New Column News


In July 2017 I traveled to Ohio on the invitation of well-known author, speaker and teacher, Matt Bailey of Site Logic Marketing to be interviewed on usability.

Over several days we chatted about the old days of the Internet and our career involvement in the SEO and Usability industries.  Matt creates easy listening podcasts. I was excited to be considered for his Endless Coffee Cup Podcast project.

The result are a series of 4 or 5 podcasts. The conversation is relaxed, fun, and educational. If you own a website or work on one, you may find many ideas and inspiration.

The following are the first released in a series of podcast discussions usability, web design, SEO, accessibility, testing and more conducted between Matt Bailey and Kim Krause Berg.
Endless Coffee Cup Podcast: “Usable Websites”
Endless Coffee Cup Podcast: “Usable Expectations”

New Column

In the span of my career I’ve written for most, if not all, online and print publications on the topics of usability, SEO, information architecture, mobile design, accessibility and more.  I’ve written ebooks and taught a course on usability.  After a hiatus from writing, I was invited to write for Search News Central, an online news site that was acquired and brought back to life.

My column there is called “The User is Out There” (which is also the name of my other website.)  Every Wednesday I will have a new article that I hope you enjoy. Here are two recent articles from the column:
Proposed ADA Title III Changes Create Uncertain Future for the Disabled and Accessibility
Mobile Design is More Than a Search Engine Request