The farmhouse
From Kim

Creative Vision Web Consulting and Peaceful Wraps are Moving

Since August I not only had two knees replaced, but we also purchased a small Bucks County farm to expand my business and grow new ones.

It’s difficult to believe that in 3 years, so many changes could occur within one family, but that’s exactly what has happened with mine.  One minute we were going through the excitement of watching our new house being built, living with my in-laws, moving into the new house and getting settled, and now we are preparing to move out.


Three years ago, I didn’t have my hobby business, Peaceful Wraps and more recently, the macramé art. For Creative Vision Web Consulting, I began to have client meetings in the kitchen, since my office was too small and Peaceful Wraps eventually has taken up the entire upstairs loft for material and items storage. My daughter and I have had ideas for a joint business venture and needed more space.  Other members of my family have moved into entrepreneurial ventures that require more space.

And, there is the horse thing.  It’s time I had the space to have my own.  That’s one of my dreams that I didn’t think was even possible. Until it was.


The farm we are buying is just around the corner, not far from where we live now. If you are familiar with Bucks County, it’s dotted with old farmsteads with stone farmhouses dating back to the 1700 or 1800’s and incredibly solid, proud barns to match.  I spent part of my growing up years living in one in Ottsville.

Trumbauersville is a tiny village that’s part of Bucks County history. Apparently so is the farm we purchased and I look forward to exploring more about it at the courthouse. The farmhouse has been restored by the present owner. The large bank barn has a new roof and one section is nearly finished, but the remaining barn needs to be restored.  We are entering new territory there but barn restoration is enormously popular in our area so we will have many options for support and education.

My entire family is moving to the farm and we are renting out our house.  While in the process of healing my knees, and working, I’ve been preparing business plans, researching and preparing for horse ownership. Every drop of money that comes in is going back out into this venture. I panic every other day.

New Business Adventure

The farm is going to be used for home and business.  We have plans for the barn and land.   It will take time to get the barn ready.  As we progress and get a more solid footing I’ll share more on this.

For Now

Peaceful Wraps is on hiatus until next year.  This is normally my busy season for gifts making but we’re packing and I haven’t operated a sewing machine since the bionic knees were installed. I find out this week if I’m allowed to drive a car.  My right knee surgery took place 5 weeks after the left knee was replaced and although it bends earlier than the left knee, the pain level was much tougher to deal with.  Most of my energy is on healing and getting my knees to walk and do stairs again.

I can macramé anywhere with my portable setup but between now and the end of the year we will dealing with boxes and figuring out what goes where.  The barn needs some repair work on the stalls and some new pasture fencing is needed before the ground freezes. In other words, I can only do so much, while keeping up with my client work for Creative Vision Web Consulting.

I’m excited about this next phase.  It’s a family effort and requiring a lot of change for them, but also opportunities for the kids to learn more about business ownership.  Eric wanted a home with lots of trees and didn’t get that with our new house.  It bothered me that he didn’t get that. Now, there are lots of trees and 5 acres to play with.

As we progress, I’ll keep you in the loop.