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Matt Bailey’s Usability Podcast Series with Kim Krause Berg

Matt Bailey and I go way, way back to the early days of website design and marketing and have worked together on several big client projects. We have countless funny stories to tell.

When he invited me out for a series of podcast interviews, I accepted his offer. He and my husband, Eric, are good friends too. In fact, one year we took our entire family out in our motor home and camped at the Bailey’s during a July 4th holiday. My son set their house front porch on fire by accident with a firecracker.

This time, we left my kids home and traveled to spend a weekend with the Baileys again. We stayed in a nearby Victorian B&B, which inspired my husband to think about new ways of generating income with one’s property. Several months later, we bought a 5 acre farm and moved in just before Thanksgiving.  (Weird how things happen.)

Anyway, Matt has a professional setup for podcasts. We did 5 sessions, on hot summer days, in the comfort of his podcast sound booth that he built. We had a blast telling stories and he guided the discussions so that they are easy to listen to and interesting enough to want to (this is based on the feedback we got.)

We discussed usability, seo, clients, horror stories, accessibility and I did my best to control my giggling. Please let Matt know if you like the podcasts. I’d like to go out there again.

Sit back and listen to the instruction, the advice and experiences of two people that have been in the website business for over 20 years – each! We’re sure that you’ll learn something that will benefit your business or that you can put into practice  – immediately!

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