Woman jumping into the air wearing blue jeans with holes in the knees.
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Is Your Website Rocking It?

Websites and a good pair of blue jeans have something in common. Unless we ask for validation, we aren’t really sure if either looks good.

We may love how we look in tight jeans or straight leg or shredded knees jeans but have no idea if the cut is flattering or is the right choice for a date or meeting someone for the first time.

The same is true for owning a website.

We may love the design and think our web designer made choices that are in our best interests, but the truth is that unless your website is designed, built and tested by a professional with years of experience and skills out the wazoo, you have no valid proof that your website is going to impress anyone other than you.

Your blue jeans and website aren’t supposed to impress you, although how you feel about them is important. Like feeling proud of losing weight is clearly a plus when slipping into new jeans purchased several sizes smaller. Which is, of course, Instagram worthy, so bravo. Or, announcing a newly redesigned website that you’ve poured over every detail of for six months. Which is, Facebook and LinkedIn worthy and nobody really knows how freaking exhausting that was for you, right?

Both are expected to “work it, baby,” during the big reveal. 

Both a web page and smart fitting jeans have less than 5 seconds to grab attention and achieve a desired result. You wouldn’t purchase new blue jeans without trying them on first, twirling around in front of a mirror and strutting around the dressing room just to be sure every piece of you looks perfect at every possible angle. Or, you ask the person you dragged to the store for their opinion and hope they are truthful and kind.

Jeans and shoes folded in a row.
Both a web page and smart fitting jeans have less than 5 seconds to grab attention and achieve a desired result.

We test drive our automobiles before we buy them. Visit the doctor for regular checkups. Get our teeth cleaned and hair trimmed, and the dog groomed and taste test samples of weird stuff in the food store and yet it never occurs to the owner of a website to get it checked, maintained or tested to make sure it is meeting the latest design and search engine standards.

We don’t parade it in front of our friends and most certainly do not ever show it to anyone while it is being built because this is our baby and we are not ready for any critical feedback. Ever.

How do you know if your website is ready to meet your business goals, target market requirements, security and privacy policies, legal requirements, design for today’s computer devices, assistive technologies and accessibility and is easy to understand and use by people other than yourself? How much time and money have you invested in promoting a website that doesn’t “work it baby”?

Is Your Website Important To You?

Eventually blue jeans wear out. They tend to look even cooler when they are barely there, hanging on by a belt loop or torn pocket.  You might not want to wear them wherever you are hoping to make a good impression.

For a website, the longer it goes without anyone taking care of it, the less likely it will be found in search engines, and less likely it will function properly. A website has many moving parts, most of it underneath the hood. It requires a web design mechanic, checkups and routine care.  To make a good impression, especially if your website is where you conduct business or you want to present yourself in the best possible positive way, it has to be rocking it every day, for everyone who arrives.

This is no easy thing you have taken on. Jeans are cheaper. But a website doesn’t need to be a money pit.

There’s no better time to take the worry out of website ownership than right now.  It’s our job to make your website work properly and look good. Ask about a one-time website review or set up a routine care plan. Either way, you are protecting your online business and reputation.

Let’s show you off.