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Kim Krause Berg Joins Hochman Consultants

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Search marketing agency, Hochman Consultants, announces the addition of Consultant, Kim Krause Berg, owner of Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC, of Quakertown, PA, to its digital marketing and web site development team.

Kim Krause Berg is a website usability and accessibility consultant specializing in website testing, meeting website ADA legal compliance and standards, usability and conversions website audits and business requirements support. Her career spans over twenty years and includes search engine marketing, online community management, software QA testing, speaking and training.

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Senior Consultant, Jonathan Hochman, describes the addition to his staff as a positive step for clients expecting expert support or wishing to explore new growth opportunities for their online business. “Kim’s vision has long aligned with ours.  The focus of SEO should be to make websites better so that they produce more value.  We look forward to Kim helping small enterprises compete online.  The market continues to evolve with increasing demands for website security, mobile optimization, ADA compliance and ease of use.  Kim’s skills will help us address these critical needs for our clients.”

What Does This Mean for Creative Vision Web Consulting?

For nearly two years I have been searching for a new work opportunity that needed to meet a specific set of criteria such as:

  • Work remotely
  • Ethical leadership
  • Passion for accurate, standards driven websites or apps
  • Empathy for users
  • Compassion for small and medium business owners wanting an online presence, and the patience to guide those businesses to become successful and competitive
  • Strong advocacy for accessibility and inclusive design
  • Skilled, professional, tech savvy, open minded, easy to work with and work for
  • No micro-managers
  • No egomaniacs
  • Encourages the constant pursuit of betterment for the team through education, training and exploring new ideas
  • Respects the team

I found the perfect situation.

Jonathan Hochman and I met many years ago when we were speakers at Search Engine Strategies conferences. I spoke about usability at a small conference he helped organize in Vermont in 2014.

My role as a consultant is to develop new services to meet the increased needs of today’s website owners and expand growth opportunities for existing clients. Specifically, I bring my knowledge of accessibility and ADA law to help businesses meet compliance both in the USA, but also Canada and the UK, for example.

Website usability, user experience, mobile design, information architecture, and SEO skills are necessary for today’s digital business to thrive. Add to that social marketing, users with assistive devices, text to speech, changes in search engine algorithms and mobile app usage, and you can see that it takes a team to provide superb services for clients.

I have joined such a team, and I look forward to working with Hochman Consultants. My clients will continue to be serviced by myself, and if they choose, Hochman Consultants, for their digital marketing needs or upgrades to websites.

I will continue to take side projects. Most web site reviews and site audits requiring a redesign, accessibility remediation or someone to implement recommendations from an audit will benefit from my association with Hochman Consultants, where I will have a team ready to assist.

Stay tuned for more news as we develop new workshops and training opportunities, as well as affordable services worth investing your money and time.

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