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Accessibility,  From Kim

Creative Vision News

Two new things have happened.

The first is that I launched a newsletter. It will be available each week and highlight items of interest related to how we design and market online for everyone. I haven’t had a newsletter since 1998, and miss my old blogging days, and first website before that, where I shared new and interesting finds that help us improve our websites.

The User Is Out There Weekly Newsletter will not mimic the User is Out There Blog, to avoid duplicate information. Sign up forms are on in the sidebar and footer. If you have a new tool, or something I should see, by all means, let me know and I might include it in the newsletter.

New newsletter.

Accessibility Law Certification

I was awarded my first official certificate as part of my journey to become fully certified in website accessibility. This one covers accessibility law, which is important and helps me support our clients.

A11Y Certificate