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Rebuild, Reorganize, Remain Calm

I have a great deal of empathy for my clients who need help making their websites meet today’s rules for everything. Because those rules for everything change every week.

As someone who is hired to help businesses build usable, accessible and functional websites, the least I can do is make sure that my own act as an example.

Anyone who works as an SEO, digital marketer, web designer, software development and content writer, to name a few areas, are also the first people to be challenged by some know-it-all who wants to point out your website defects.

I dreamed I was Dolores, the AI human-bot from WestWorld, who rebelled against stupid humans and made copies of herself to enact her plan for revenge.

When I woke up, I rebuilt my business website.

Then I built two other websites.

After testing 5 WordPress themes marketed to be accessible, I settled on one called “Inclusive“. While I see a few things I need to dig into the source code to fix, overall it was the only theme that was easy to set up, had options I wanted, was super accessible out of the gate, clean and didn’t require a brainiac developer to help me make it work.

Creative Vision Web Consulting

Creative Vision Web Consulting is my business website. You are here. I removed, culled and killed content and pages nobody cared about, including me.

Header section of the Kim Krause Berg website.

Kim Krause Berg is a domain that used to point to my business website but I decided that with Covid19 and the present status of the world, I began to think worry about my life, career and contributions to the web industries in which I slaved over served over the years. I built what I call my “legacy” site. It documents my career and accomplishments, writings and professional documents that people ask for. It also is home to the return of my old Cre8pc blog, only this time I don’t need to be anything but who I am. I’m moving my Medium articles there.

The User is Out There is a new site named after my column that first appeared in It was also the name of my blog at Creative Vision Web Consulting. I have a ridiculous amount of resources on several computers, clouds, apps and notebooks. Some of them are helpful. The resources on accessibility and usability, with some SEO, are being added to this website. If you have a resource you want added, I can be bribed with cash.

All three websites are continuously tested and fussed over and will never, ever, be completely finished or meet the scrutiny of a guy named Edward.