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Kim Krause Berg To Give Talk at AMA Conference


AMA Experience Design Virtual Conference on April 15, 2021.

Lunchtime Keynote: The Golden Road Of Opportunity: Website Accessibility and Human Experience Design

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This lunchtime keynote session explores real life examples of how and why companies overlook missed business growth opportunities in a digital world. What barriers are your customers experiencing?  How are employees, students, and consumers using assistive technology and what steps can you take to embrace them?

Key Takeaways and Stories

Through the art of storytelling and real life examples, we wrap up with a tour of possibilities that includes learning what experience as the new design methodology is, how to prepare for new global  web accessibility laws, guidelines and best practices and why inclusive design supports and powers up digital marketing strategies.

Germaniac leaning over the fence.

You know how much I love to tell stories. I look forward to sharing some of my favorites, such as “How an off-track racehorse sold real estate.”

Key Takeaways Include

  1. How Your Business is Experience Design
  2. Accessibility and Inclusion Opportunities
  3. Why The Land of Oz is Not Green

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