Accessibility Brew August 17, 2021 | Creative Vision Web Consulting
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Accessibility Brew August 17, 2021

The following may be of interest:

Web Accessibility for the Human Experience: When We Can Help – “Adding web accessibility best practices testing to your websites and mobile apps offers new opportunities to understand digital product experiences. We are challenged — as marketers, writers, designers, and developers — to observe people because our work focuses on meeting their needs.”

COGNITIVE ACCESSIBILITY COMMUNITY GROUP – “The mission of the community group is to support the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force (COGA TF) to improve web accessibility for people with mental health, cognitive and learning disabilities.”

Essential Components of Web Accessibility – “This page shows how web accessibility depends on several components working together, and how improvements in specific components could substantially improve web accessibility.”

CivicActions receives contract award from GSA to improve digital accessibility of compliance reports – “CivicActions will help the GSA convert its VPAT to a machine-readable format, called the Open Product Accessibility Template (OPAT). “