A New President and the New Whitehouse Website

Within moments of becoming the 45th President of the United States, one particular item on the new Administration’s To Do list was to remove the content from the Whitehouse.gov website.

Pages were removed, but we do not know if this because they are in the process of being re-written or will never be returned, such as the topic of climate change. Several hubs, presently empty, await content as work begins and they establish new policies.

The Speeches section begins with a link to the Inaugural Address. There does not appear to be a category for President Trump’s Twitter remarks.

Speeches and Remarks Page

Within hours of relaunching the website, two petitions were submitted on the Petitions page.   Be careful if you click the link from the Whitehouse.gov website to the petitions page because they put this section on a sub-domain and removed the global navigation.  You will need the browser “back” button to return to the Whitehouse.gov site or scroll down to the footer and click the Whitehouse logo.

Petition Page


The Staff Salaries page was missed by whomever tested the site. It is missing the left sidebar navigation.

Salaries missing left sidebar

As President Trump promised, he presents his first goals immediately.  You can locate them under the Issues hub.

There is nothing on the website pertaining to hot button, human rights concerns.  Under the Issues category each topic is written with a bit of good ‘old marketing fluff, with an emphasis on President Trump’s experience as a businessman.


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