Accessibility Testing

ADA Accessibility Reviews and Site Audits

The internet makes it possible for nearly everyone to provide information, sell products and socialize. Back when most laws were made for disabled persons, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the USA, websites didn’t exist. Today, there is a growing movement of support for online accessibility.

The spike in ADA lawsuits and new enforcement for accessibility in several countries may be frightening to hear about.

Is your website at risk of an ADA lawsuit? Would you know what to do if you receive a letter of complaint?

What types of websites are targeted?

All of them.

Hire An Accessibility Specialist

Begin by requesting an accessibility review or audit of your website. This is the first step in understanding your current status.

Website Accessibility Testing for Small and Medium Business Owners

Designed for larger small business websites seeking an affordable option to high priced accessibility testing, this detailed, formal accessibility testing by a certified accessibility specialist focuses on understanding where ADA accessibility compliance issues are and making recommendations for remediation.  The addition of screen reader testing aids in discovering potential ADA website accessibility lawsuit triggers driven by blind persons and other people with disabilities or impairments where assistive devices and software aid in their ability to use websites.


  • $1225 for up to 7 test pages, including homepage.
  • $1650 for up to 10 test pages, including homepage.

Customized website accessibility testing services can be requested as a separate report or add on to Usability and Conversions Website Reviews and Audits.

Sample audit example of a check point response.
Screen reader testing is a manual test using screen readers from different operating systems and browsers.

Optional Website Accessibility Services

1. ADA Accessibility Threat Assessment –   $425 one-time flat fee for small business websites. This is an affordable snap shot look for small businesses that takes a look at your homepage and one additional page. It does not include screen reader testing.

2. Website Accessibility Testing with Usability and Conversions Site Audit – Request a free quote

  • Automated Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Screen Reader Testing
  • Usability and Conversions Review with Functional Testing Option

3. Retainer and Ongoing Support – Get pricing

  • Web design; WordPress accessibility; support for your designers
  • PDF Remediation

Ask Me For Additional Support

Customized support that meets your needs and budget is available.  

  • Research into accessibility laws by country and assistance with compliance
  • Document accessibility remediation, such as PDF’s
  • Accessibility Statements; write or edit existing
  • Regular accessibility web page monitoring for active websites
  • Assisting your company with the procedures necessary to add accessibility into your development cycle
Accessibility Program Management certificate of completion by Deque University.
One of my certificates for accessibility testing.

Accessibility testing services are paid in full before the start of the project. Due to the high volume of requests, please allow 4 – 8 weeks for delivery of audits and 3 – 4 weeks for ADA Threat Checks.

Add Accessibility To Your Services

I am a provider of website accessibility, and usability and conversions site testing and audits for companies wishing to outsource accessibility. Choose a referral fee basis or a customized solution that fits your needs. Email to create your new revenue stream.