Accessibility Testing and ADA Site Audits

Hire An Accessibility Specialist


Accessibility Testing and ADA Legal Support

Begin by requesting an accessibility review of your website. This is the first step in understanding your current status. 

Hire An Accessibility Specialist

Sometimes a company receives a website accessibility ADA civil complaint from someone who was unable to use their website. Common cases that have gone to court or are settled out of court with mediation are largely from blind people using screen readers to make purchases, fill out forms, understand product pages, or download coupons.

Common complaints are found with videos and podcasts that need to be transcribed and closed captioned. Schools and universities are facing lawsuits from students unable to use online courses or access student sections for grades and lessons information.  Barriers that prevent the completion of tasks by disabled persons are the source of ADA lawsuits.

Website Accessibility Services 

1. Threat Assessment – Site Check;  $400 one-time flat fee

2. Website Accessibility Audit; each project is per RFQ; starting at $2500; Request a proposal

  • Automated Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Assistive Technology Testing

3. Website Remediation; Hourly or Retainer; Request Information

  • Web design; WordPress accessibility; support for your designers
  • Content & PDF Remediation


Additional Support

Customized support that meets your needs and budget.  Just ask.

  • Research into accessibility laws by country and assistance with compliance
  • Document accessibility remediation, such as PDF’s.
  • Accessibility Statements
  • Regular accessibility web page monitoring for active websites
  • Assisting your company with the procedures necessary to add accessibility into your development cycle

Basic Accessibility Testing Methods Certification