Accessibility Testing and Audits

In 2001 Kim Krause Berg began integrating accessibility testing into her work as a Software QA User Experience Engineer for a large firm the produced websites and web based software applications for verticals including healthcare, manufacturing and utility companies.

In 2010 she was sub-contracted by the state of Pennsylvania to perform accessibility testing for its state website redesign initiative. That role consisted of creating test plans and documenting accessibility requirements, as well as formal testing to meet Section 508 compliance.

As an independent consultant, she has been committed to educating companies on the importance of accessibility. Since the surge of website accessibility ADA lawsuits began in 2015, and as a result of more judgements in favor of the plaintiffs, there is an increase in interest by companies in hiring accessibility testing and training sessions added to educate developers.

Accessibility Testing is A Detailed Process

Kim’s methodology has always been to include basic WCAG A and AA checkpoints into her usability site audits for color contrasts, readability, and image alt attributes.

Since 2017 she has offered accessibility compliance testing to digital marketing companies whose clients want to be reassured their websites are not a target for ADA lawsuits.

From PDF accessibility to web pages, each project is custom created and quoted to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Accessibility Pricing

For software development, it is recommended that you hire an agency equipped with automated software accessibility tools.

Kim performs manual testing with JAWS as well as tab key navigation and various text to voice software and apps for computers and mobile devices.

To make it affordable for small businesses concerned with budget, rather than testing every page of a large site, sample pages are chosen as representative of what is likely not passing WCAG2.1.

A separate hourly service is offered at $40 an hour to perform accessibility testing on PDF documents and make repairs to them.

All project fees are based on a quote, with most averaging a minimum of $5000 per website.

If you need help implementing accessibility recommendations, she can help or discuss how to hire assistance near you.

Please email with questions or use the form on the contact page for inquiries.