Website Accessibility Threat Assessment Check

When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and anti-discrimination laws in other countries were established the internet didn’t exist as it does today. Websites were not covered.

That is now challenged in court in the form of website ADA Accessibility lawsuits.

To avoid an ADA lawsuit, it is important to know if your website design meets official WCAG2.1 and/or Section 508 website accessibility guidelines

Preventing Barriers to Your Website Increases Conversions

Since 2015 there have been thousands of website ADA lawsuits against every type of website.

Each year more people use websites and mobile apps for reading, purchases, banking, booking hotels and research. 

Blind and deaf persons, sight impaired, persons with disabilities and impairments, both permanent or temporary, expect to use websites and internet applications with ease.

They are entitled to as a civil right by law.

Website Accessibility Threat Assessment

If you don’t know if your website meets accessibility standards, I recommend a quick Website Accessibility Threat Assessment, for a one-time fee of $400.

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Is Your Website Accessible?

What Will I Learn From an Accessibility Threat Assessment?

As your certified accessibility specialist, I perform several automated and manual accessibility tests used to test for WCAG 2.1 A+ AA compliance, or if it must meet Section 508 requirements. 

You receive a report emailed to you that includes:

  1. If the threat of an ADA accessibility lawsuit is indicated.
  2. Recommendations or guidance on how to address simple and easy design updates.
  3. Referrals to companies that specialize in software or mobile accessibility, if required.

There are many affordable options available for any size business. I can help you navigate those  opportunities.

Please use this form to get started. Work begins upon receipt of payment.