What Does a UX Audit Look Like?

Every Usability Site Audit or Website Review is Customized For Your Specific Needs

The purpose of a website usability and conversions site audit is to verify and provide proof that your website is ready to meet your business and website requirements, customer expectations and website standards.  Whether the information is gathered from conducting tasks, heuristics checks, functional testing, or applying testing tools, analytics or competitive analysis, the focus is the performance of your website from the perspective of the user experience.

Critical Concerns Section

May I see a Sample Audit?

Since every site audit I do is held to the strictest standards of confidentiality, I do not send out samples. In addition, no two audits are the same because every web based property has its own unique goals, target users, and requirements.  Your proposal contains all the details specific to your type of usability and conversions site audit or review.

What Do You Test?

Creative Vision Web Consulting supports digital marketing investments by verifying the web property is functioning, meets guidelines and standards, and is ready to meet your conversions goals. The most typical sections covered are:

User Interface
Homepage Conversions
Landing Page Conversions
Information Architecture, Navigation, Taxonomies
Mobile User Interface
Mobile Search Engine Standards
Persuasive Design and Conversions
Trust, Authenticity, Credibility
Accessibility/WCAG2.1/Section 508 Refresh
Functionality/Data Integrity
Forms User Interface
Shopping Cart

Persuasive Design Section

Do You Provide Assistance for SEO or Web Design?

Yes. I have a team that when the need arises, I reach out to for additional support that you may require. This includes SEO, WordPress site support and migration, and redesign projects.

Example from an audit