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One of the advantages of growing older online is that my digital basement is packed with stories from the old days of website design and search engines. There was the time I stood next to Rand Fishkin when he wiped off his shoes. That was apparently so exciting I wrote a blog post about it. We were so young.er. And the many logos I made. Not sure why I wanted to use cables. My Photoshop skills were awesome, right? There were conferences that I live blogged or delivered talks at or in the case of this particular night in New York, was dragged onstage to… Continue Reading I’m Taking NamesRead More →

What I Wrote in that Post Quote: “We sense that the next few years in search are going to be driven by a better understanding of users, their intent, their objectives, their context and the tasks they are hoping to accomplish. So while crawlers and algorithms continue to be essential, understanding the user will involve a human element to search. We’re still in the very early days of this, but you can already see some features in Web Search 9 that are a step in this direction, such as Smart Summaries. Any other initiatives are in the pipeline? On the business side, we’re aggressively pursuing… Continue Reading circa 2002 Yahoo Buys InktomiRead More →

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Matt Bailey and I go way, way back to the early days of website design and marketing and have worked together on several big client projects. We have countless funny stories to tell. When he invited me out for a series of podcast interviews, I accepted his offer. He and my husband, Eric, are good friends too. In fact, one year we took our entire family out in our motor home and camped at the Bailey’s during a July 4th holiday. My son set their house front porch on fire by accident with a firecracker. This time, we left my kids home and traveled to… Continue Reading Matt Bailey’s Usability Podcast Series with Kim Krause BergRead More →

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The following podcasts are interviews where I discuss usability, accessibility, SEO and how it is applied to websites. The podcasts are lively, informative and contain resources and tips. Dan Shure EvolvingSEO Experts on the Wire  UX, usability, accessibility – are CORE essentials of modern SEO. I’ve seen sites get crushed in the last year with these issues. That’s why I invited today’s guest – Kim Krause Berg – onto the show. She is an expert in usability, UX and accessibility. In fact, she provides these services TO SEOs. UX & ACCESSIBILITY – ESSENTIAL LESSONS FOR SEOS W/KIM KRAUSE BERG Matt Bailey Endless Coffee Cup Series… Continue Reading Kim Krause Berg Usability PodcastsRead More →