Happy Holidays

It is not too late to review your website for last minute adjustments that will bring an immediate conversions lift just in time for holiday sales. Here 5 quick tips: 1. Add real life use cases to promote sales. It’s easier for us to decide what items to choose when we can visualize using your product. Tell a story. Provide real-life use cases. 2. Allow ratings and user feedback but not just any feedback will do! We identify with people who are like us. Let your reviewers describe themselves, such as their gender, how they used your product, why they chose it, area of the… Continue Reading Get Crackin’! 5 Top Ecommerce Checks for Increased Holiday SalesRead More →

Discounted specials deals

The way to find information at the dawn of the Internet was by referrals. If you are a search engine marketer, this is important.  The basic core algorithm for all search engines is “What is the most popular website?”  This one question tortures and challenges search engine marketers.  They have created schemes, tricks and tools for the sole purpose of creating web page popularity.  Their mistake is not studying user behavior.  Companies do not invest in studying user behavior and how the data relates to their particular web site requirements. You Have to See This In 1995 I bought a 286 PC with a 9600… Continue Reading Before Search Engines Everything Was Referral BasedRead More →

There is nothing to fear when ordering a web site review because usability site audits are intended to make sure you own and operate a successful web site. Think of it like owning a car. If we own an automobile, we are expected to maintain it. Every year we take it into an auto shop to be inspected. If the inspection shows your vehicle is not working where, by law or safety principles it should be, it will not be returned to you to drive unless it is repaired. Your web site usability inspection will not hold onto your web site, of course, but if… Continue Reading Why Do I Need A Web Site Usability Audit?Read More →

The Process

You just had a web site redesign? Is it meeting your expectations? You are not sure if you need a new web site.  Same question. Is it meeting your expectations? Do you know what you want your web site to do? What do you expect from me and how can I help? I can’t tell you in five minutes how to increase conversions because your website is unique.  When you hire Kim Krause Berg for any type of usability service, you get two people for the price of one – an advocate for your web site visitors and expert advice and feedback on your plans.… Continue Reading What is your UX plan?Read More →