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    My Next Talk is Scheduled for April

    I’m happy to be invited to speak at an event for the American Marketing Association (AMA) in April. The “Experience Design: The New Imperative” conference is scheduled for April 13-15, 2021. I’m expected to speak on April 15. More details to come, including the talk title and time. It’s been 10 years since my last talk for the AMA, when I delivered a webinar on how user centered web design techniques enhance online marketing. I’m thrilled the AMA remains focused on usability for marketers. I’m excited at the opportunity to speak on accessibility and share my passion for embracing inclusive design practices that benefit everyone. Let me convince you why.

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    The Dismantling of Civil Rights Protections Continues

    “The most significant shifts in civil rights enforcement in generations” While the country is distracted with unrest associated with the ending of the Trump administration, the public was excluded from the Justice Department’s request to change Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits recipients of federally funded housing programs, employers, schools, hospitals, and other organizations and programs  from discrimination based on race, color, or national origin. The New York Times reports that, “The Trump administration has embarked on an 11th-hour bid to undo some civil rights protections for minority groups, which could have a ripple effect on women, people with disabilities and L.G.B.T. people, according to a draft…

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    Website Accessibility Design Does Not Disregard This Human

    Web accessibility may sometimes be the road less traveled. The only way we can truly invent technology to provide equal access to the web is to experience being shut off from it. This Person Is Not Welcome This is the pain point from websites developed for a small percentage of humans disguised at perfectly abled. There is no such thing as a limitless human. It makes more sense to meet everyone else on the planet. How do you design to accommodate them? The strongest super powers we can possess are compassion and empathy. The road less traveled is design for accessibility. Web designers and developers can’t learn how to meet…