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Keyword searches and browsing strategies tracked by analytics may be frustrating because searchers can’t be counted on to behave as you want them to. Humans are unpredictable and spontaneous, and trying to plan to rank in the top position on a topic for unpredictable people is not something I ever thought was rewarding. Making the landing stick, however, is. An eight-year research study of a software tool created for educators found that of the three types of ways their users searched for information, it was the case studies that were the most sought after. Not the keyword matches. Not browsing patterns. They watched how teachers… Continue Reading The Unpredictable Website Visitor and How to Capture Their AttentionRead More →

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Returning to being a consultant has been anything but easy. I almost quit. But instead, I started a new business that has nothing to do with tech. Flapping in the Breeze Since 2012, when I sold Cre8asiteforums to Internet Marketing Ninjas, nothing with my work life has been routine. The one constant is that I’m a workaholic, compounded by an urgent desire to know everything under the sun. But, whenever I applied for employment in towns near where I live, I was turned away. My heart is broken and remains so, when you consider that I’m still added to those articles that feature “pioneers”, “women… Continue Reading A Career in The Midst of ChangeRead More →

Ecom Experts

On November 18, 2014 I was on Webmaster Radio for the Ecom Experts show.  Host Shawna Seigel interviewed me on ecommerce conversions tips for the holiday season. Every time Shawn and I chat on her radio show we discuss how to help ecommerce websites by implementing changes that enhance user experience.   I always try to share something new and this show contains lots of fun tips and insights for immediate implementation. The show can be listened to here. Super Easy Tips for Boosting Your Conversion Rates with Kim Krause Berg  Read More →

Happy Holidays

It is not too late to review your website for last minute adjustments that will bring an immediate conversions lift just in time for holiday sales. Here 5 quick tips: 1. Add real life use cases to promote sales. It’s easier for us to decide what items to choose when we can visualize using your product. Tell a story. Provide real-life use cases. 2. Allow ratings and user feedback but not just any feedback will do! We identify with people who are like us. Let your reviewers describe themselves, such as their gender, how they used your product, why they chose it, area of the… Continue Reading Get Crackin’! 5 Top Ecommerce Checks for Increased Holiday SalesRead More →