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Keyword searches and browsing strategies tracked by analytics may be frustrating because searchers can’t be counted on to behave as you want them to. Humans are unpredictable and spontaneous, and trying to plan to rank in the top position on a topic for unpredictable people is not something I ever thought was rewarding. Making the landing stick, however, is. An eight-year research study of a software tool created for educators found that of the three types of ways their users searched for information, it was the case studies that were the most sought after. Not the keyword matches. Not browsing patterns. They watched how teachers… Continue Reading The Unpredictable Website Visitor and How to Capture Their AttentionRead More →

Google has figured how to perform remote viewing and knows what I’m doing, while Bing is completely out of touch with reality. The painstaking work by SEO’s performing keyword research has intrigued me ever since Google came along to kick its competition out of the pool, creating competitive war games for top positions in search engine results. Unpredictable Search Engine Playbook Changes It is this search engine playbook that SEO’s grabble with. Copyright ezplayz.com Have you ever seen a football team’s playbook? Each page has a plan, with arrows, numbers, rules and code names to be memorized by the team. Headphone wearing, yelling Coaches call out… Continue Reading Keyword Relevance and The Stories They Could Tell UsRead More →

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When Geology.com beta tested Blockmetry, their discoveries were surprising.  The website depends on its ad revenue for survival and like other web properties that do, ad blocking software is a growing issue. “While using Blockmetry, we learned that ad blockers were removing about 30% of the ads served on Geology.com. We never expected the number to be that high.” — Source: Why Webmasters Should View Their Sites With an Ad Blocker Blockmetry, new software being developed by ex-Googler, Pierre Far, was announced quietly in March 2016 and picked up by Cre8asiteforums. Today, the company is starting to get the word out. Blockmetry trouble shoots.  News and educational sites, for… Continue Reading Blockmetry Tests Show Analytics Blocking is RealRead More →

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“Further, you do not call attention to what you’ve been given, or show displeasure if someone seems to have gotten something better than you. It is not the gift, but the gestures of giving and receiving that count.” — Sacred Giving, Sacred Receiving, by Joseph Bruchac I give away expertise for free from the heart. It’s gotten me into trouble and presented me with personal challenges in my professional career. So when the topic of giving away expertise, products or services for free comes up, I want to know how to continue doing it without being punched in the face. (A term attributed to a famous SEO… Continue Reading The Sacred Act of Giving Away ExpertiseRead More →