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    First Responders in Tech Included Women

    Response to my recent writings resulted in confusion and messages of support from several first responders in tech who shifted gears, while still quietly working in their fields. Yesterday I announced on Facebook that I shut down three of my websites forever. It felt like I had put a pet to sleep. I wanted to cry. I removed that status because, in the age of communication not communicate, the perception was that I left the building.  So firstly, I did not abandon my 21 year career in an industry that still produces “95 Women Who Influenced the SEO Industry.  I put to rest three websites, one my old brand, but I still have three more websites. Two of the sites are where I conduct…

  • Blog,  IT Industry

    Expertise Is Not In the Company Budget (But Millennials Are)

    When I was 38 years old, I was a single mom of two young children who taught myself how to support us after being out of the work force for 3 years. For the next 20 years I became known as a “rock star”, “guru”, “expert” and “thought leader”,  cross trained with knowledge and working expertise in search engine marketing, user experience web design, and software application QA testing.  I wrote columns and articles, several ebooks, tutor an online usability course, founded a web design and marketing forums that was acquired in 2012, spoke at conferences, gave workshops, and started a consulting business. I decided to explore working full-time for a tech company that could use my skills so I…