Memory Lane

Old articles by Kim brought back from the grave.

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    Memory Lane,  Usability

    From User Interface Engineer to Usability Testing

    The process of moving from user interface design to usability testing signaled a major turning point in my career. I had been designing websites since 1995 and freelancing in SEO, and on January 2, 2000 began my dream job as a user interface engineer for a famous “dotcom” company. We hand coded hundreds of websites, including our own company site.  Several months later the company opted to change its focus to software application development, while still holding on to the website side. I was moved to a newly created department and that was when my career took a completely different turn. I had found my passion.  This is a brief story about how that happened.

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    Memory Lane,  SEO Tip

    Do Not Drop Your Web Site Off the Search Engine Cliff (12 Years Later)

    If you’ve been feeling like Tom Cruise climbing up the side of some remote jagged mountain in the blazing hot sun and concerned you’re facing “mission impossible”, chances are you own a web site. Adding to the intense thrill of web site ownership are keyword comparisons and bidding for good keyword positions in search engines.  (Update a dozen years later…now it is RankBrain, Knowledge Graph, and a slew of algorithm updates named after animals that start with the letter “p”.) You might hire a search engine optimization specialist who can track elusive algorithm clues and is unfazed by page rank drama.  Your programmers and designers insist they get along.  The marketing department actually believes deadlines are met.  The new bank…