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    Kim Krause Berg Now Writes for The SEM Post

    After a year or more off from writing for all the leading blogs and print publications, I have made a monthly commitment to TheSEMPost. Noticing that Internet marketers, and especially SEO’s, continue to be in the dark about the limitations to Google’s mobile requirements for website visitors, I wrote an article to help battle the myths and support intelligent decision making. I invite you to celebrate with me and read… Mobile Testing Beyond Google’s Responsive Web Design Test Requirements Passing Google’s mobile friendly does not mean your website will work on all mobile devices.  It simply means it passes the criteria a Google bot is looking for.  It is not mobile emulation testing. It is not mobile user testing.  It…

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    Mobile Website Requirements Beyond Google’s Expectations

    Panic over Google’s request that webpages pass its mobile test for inclusion  in their mobile search index focuses on passing a test and not on user experience for mobile users. Google provides an automated test that allows site owners to submit web pages to be evaluated by a short, specific set of technical criteria.  Websites set up for tracking by Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools were emailed warnings indicating where issues were found.  Google provides information and education for free to anyone wanting to understand their expectations and how to resolve any mobile rendering issues. However, it is not Google’s intent to teach mobile human experience design.  In fact, web site design in general has changed drastically.  Old rules of…

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    Google Requires Mobile Design

    Google announced that web pages that want to be found in their search index from mobile devices must pass their mobile test.  The deadline for Google was April 21, 2015. If your web pages are NOT built for all mobile devices, Google may not rank them or display them.  This new mandate does not apply to searches made from desktop computers. It only applies when someone searches from a smart phone, tablet or mobile device with a small screen.  Google has a separate index for mobile searches where they wish to display only websites that are designed for mobile devices. Is Your Website Responsive? If your website is not tracked by Google Webmaster Tools, you may not receive your warning email.  In the event you received…