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    Do You Really Talk to Your Website Visitors?

    Why is it so difficult to convince your website visitors to do what you want them to do?  You invested in the best web design and online marketing, only to come up with high bounce rates and low conversions. What is the issue? You Are Missing The chances are likely that you are missing from your story.  Your website design doesn’t feel like you are there.  Its marketing strategies are not you and don’t seem to represent what you really want to say. Since you are not a web designer or marketer, you may be forced to hire people to create something you want, but unless they are trained to ask the right questions and have years of experience, they…

  • Blog,  Persuasive Design Tip

    Tip: Claim Your Competitive Value

    Whenever a searcher lands on any page of your web site, whether it’s an advertised landing page, product page or homepage, it’s vitally important to quickly communicate what sets you apart from your competitors.  Think of it as communicating what you DO and ARE, as opposed to what you SAY or WANT. If you claim to be the “best”, you’ll need to provide proof.