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Danny Sullivan has no idea the role he played in my life, but he’s about to find out. His recent decision to pursue new endeavors seems like a good time to tell him. In 1996, I was the webmaster for a magazine publishing company.  I was assigned to the publication about the Internet. I got the job because I taught myself HTML, owned, and animated the magazine’s mascot, which impressed the magazine editor. He had given me my first big break. It was my job to convert the print version from MAC to PC for the website version I was hired to build, maintain… Continue Reading Danny Sullivan Was My Life Line, LiterallyRead More →

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When beta tested Blockmetry, their discoveries were surprising.  The website depends on its ad revenue for survival and like other web properties that do, ad blocking software is a growing issue. “While using Blockmetry, we learned that ad blockers were removing about 30% of the ads served on We never expected the number to be that high.” — Source: Why Webmasters Should View Their Sites With an Ad Blocker Blockmetry, new software being developed by ex-Googler, Pierre Far, was announced quietly in March 2016 and picked up by Cre8asiteforums. Today, the company is starting to get the word out. Blockmetry trouble shoots.  News and educational sites, for… Continue Reading Blockmetry Tests Show Analytics Blocking is RealRead More →

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After a year or more off from writing for all the leading blogs and print publications, I have made a monthly commitment to TheSEMPost. Noticing that Internet marketers, and especially SEO’s, continue to be in the dark about the limitations to Google’s mobile requirements for website visitors, I wrote an article to help battle the myths and support intelligent decision making. I invite you to celebrate with me and read… Mobile Testing Beyond Google’s Responsive Web Design Test Requirements Passing Google’s mobile friendly does not mean your website will work on all mobile devices.  It simply means it passes the criteria a Google bot is… Continue Reading Kim Krause Berg Now Writes for The SEM PostRead More →