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    How Much Does It Cost To Have a Website?

    More people want their own website today than ever before.  The first question they ask is “How much does it cost to have a website?”  It depends on the type of website, who it is for and whether or not you want it built properly. The Education of a Website Owner I’ve never met a prospective client who understands what it means to create, own, promote and maintain a website. A Typical Meeting When I meet with someone interested in starting a website, it soon becomes clear they have no idea what they are asking for.  Here is an example of a typical conversation: Me – “What kind of website do you want?” They – “I want to sell my products…

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    Tip: Homepage User Behavior

    A homepage has 5 seconds to convince each first time visitor that the website has what they searched for.  Studies in homepage user behavior show there is a 10 second window to provide additional clues to convince them to stay. It is vital to begin by answering questions they have, such as expertise, customer service, competitive value and meeting their requirements.  For your return visitors, their expectations are different, but they still require easy access and reasons to return or refer your service. This quick “do you have what I need” user behavior is why we recommend that the top half of a web page should provide enough details to keep your first time visitor on the page.