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Part three of the three part series, “Why Do I Need a Mobile Website”. Design for mobile devices is often referred to as “mobile first” design.  The term took on reviewed vigor when Google and Bing demanded preference toward mobile pages for their search engine users.  According to Google, most people perform searches from a mobile device.  More people “Ask Google” or talk directly to their cell phone when searching.  Cell phones are used as assistants and with Bluetooth technology, enable the listening of music in vehicles, listening to a book being read or talking while driving. If your company wishes to be ADA compliant, mobile’s… Continue Reading User Experience Factors To Consider For Mobile DesignRead More →

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I propose a new job description called “Real Life User Experience Testing”, whose role is to assist  software and website developers by luring them away from the white board and drop them into reality. I think about real life user experiences because I watch your software in use and wonder why you didn’t. Every company that plans, designs, builds and markets products associated with computers relies on tools and specific methodologies for testing performed in-house. From the day ideas are born and scribbled on white boards or napkins at the bar after a few beers, the journey begins. Investors are contacted, or at least fantasized about. Overtime is demanded by… Continue Reading Web and Software Developers: Step Away From the Keyboard and Watch UXRead More →

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The process of moving from user interface design to usability testing signaled a major turning point in my career. I had been designing websites since 1995 and freelancing in SEO, and on January 2, 2000 began my dream job as a user interface engineer for a famous “dotcom” company. We hand coded hundreds of websites, including our own company site.  Several months later the company opted to change its focus to software application development, while still holding on to the website side. I was moved to a newly created department and that was when my career took a completely different turn. I had found my passion.… Continue Reading From User Interface Engineer to Usability TestingRead More →

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40 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Build a Website (or Hire Someone to Create It For You) The information and checklists you will find below are written with the hope that you never suffer the kinds of stories I’ve listened to from my clients year after year. They have said they wish that someone had prepared them for what they were about to do. Here is what they should have been told. Look before you leap. Be prepared. Be smart. Listen to expert advice. Don’t panic. Get organized. Of these, I have learned that being organized is the number one reason why some websites are… Continue Reading What Every Website Owner Needs to Know Before They Build a WebsiteRead More →