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    On Dark Mode

    These are articles that help with understanding what dark mode design is. Dark UI themes are new and cool — but are they accessible? Designing Dark Mode Implementing Dark Mode Option Will Not Affect a Site’s SEO

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    How to Add Copyright Date to Your Footer

    The copyright date is useful for validating how long your website has been online. For some businesses, the longer it is online, the more authentic and trustworthy it is. This is why I recommend a beginning year and current year that automatically updates each year. Example: Copyright 2019 – 2020 Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC is added to the footer.php in WordPress like this

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    Discover Your Website Performance Pain Points

    If you rely on tools to test your website or application, you may never find what confused your users. Automated tools can show where problems are found within the code. Tools can look for specific pages and provide insights into how long users remain on a page and where they go next. However, they don’t have any idea why humans make the choices they do. SEO tools, page speed tools, mobile emulation software, and accessibility testing tools are not programmed to know what to do on a bad day when the car breaks down on the way to work and the driver must search for a local automotive service business. If you’re…