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    User Experience Factors To Consider For Mobile Design

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    Part three of the three part series, “Why Do I Need a Mobile Website”. Design for mobile devices is often referred to as “mobile first” design.  The term took on reviewed vigor when Google and Bing demanded preference toward mobile pages for their search engine users.  According to Google, most people perform searches from a mobile device.  More people “Ask Google” or talk directly to their cell phone when searching.  Cell phones are used as assistants and with Bluetooth technology, enable the listening of music in vehicles, listening to a book being read or talking while driving. If your company wishes to be ADA compliant, mobile’s text to voice apps are a desirable option.  In fact, accessibility for mobile is expected…

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    First Steps in Decision Making for Mobile Design

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    Part two of the three part series,  “Why Do I Need a Mobile Website”. The first step is performance testing your existing website.  Automated tools for mobile acceptance from Google and Bing are provided by both search engines. However, there only 4 criteria required to pass and they are server side.  The tests don’t validate if the mobile page meets the requirements of your target market, user personas, accessibility or business goals for mobile experiences. More testing is a logical recommendation.  To understand how your intended website visitors add an item to a shopping cart, fill out a form, searches for a product or if they read an entire article from their mobile device, there are additional sources and test…

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    Why Do I Need a Mobile Web Site?

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    Web design for mobile friendly web pages is not new. In fact, it’s ancient history. And while most companies slept through mobile design, Google decided the future is “mobile first”. In 2016 Google did two things to wake up the world to the realities of the mobile user experience. They began with an automated mobile testing tool that anyone can use for free. Next, they sent website owners, with accounts in Google’s Webmaster Tools service, warning notices that their pages failed Google’s internal mobile tests. And P.S., if you don’t fix the issues, Google might not continue to crawl or rank your pages. The response to the news and warnings varied from panic and hysteria to outright denial. “My website…

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    What Every Website Owner Needs to Know Before They Build a Website

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    40 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Build a Website (or Hire Someone to Create It For You) The information and checklists you will find below are written with the hope that you never suffer the kinds of stories I’ve listened to from my clients year after year. They have said they wish that someone had prepared them for what they were about to do. Here is what they should have been told. Look before you leap. Be prepared. Be smart. Listen to expert advice. Don’t panic. Get organized. Of these, I have learned that being organized is the number one reason why some websites are successful while others are not. Not being organized means that everything, from planning a website…