circa 2002 Yahoo Buys Inktomi

Picture taken of old blog post

What I Wrote in that Post

“We sense that the next few years in search are going to be driven by a better understanding of users, their intent, their objectives, their context and the tasks they are hoping to accomplish. So while crawlers and algorithms continue to be essential, understanding the user will involve a human element to search. We’re still in the very early days of this, but you can already see some features in Web Search 9 that are a step in this direction, such as Smart Summaries.

Any other initiatives are in the pipeline?

On the business side, we’re aggressively pursuing new distribution partners as we continue to change the economics of search with our paid inclusion programs. On the product side, Inktomi Web Search 9 was the culmination of a year’s effort to regain our leadership position in algorithmic search – the next initiatives underway are focused on changing the game through user intent and context.”

End Quote.

So. What is Web Search 9?