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Design Practices for Accessibility and Inclusion Guidance

Table of Contents

Please, stop disabling zoom – “I’ve noticed that a lot of websites are preventing users on mobile to zoom.”

A Guide to Understanding What Makes a Typeface Accessible

Hiding Content Responsibly

Accessibility Personas

Developing for Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility Tutorials

An alt Decision Tree – How to decide what, how and where to add alt text to images.

Biden-Harris Transition Website Launches on WordPress – Example site built on WordPress and fully accessible

Accessible interactions = “Instead of trying to imagine all the possible permutations of screen readers and browsers, I start with a more straightforward use case: keyboard users. “

Writing inclusive documentation – Google Developer guide


Heading off confusion: When do headings fail WCAG?

Neumorphism – the accessible and inclusive way

Neumorphism is often referred to as “soft UI (user interface)”. Looking through the designs on Dribbble, it would almost be better to call it “ghost UI”.

The Aesthetic-Accessibility Paradox – “There’s a big difference between what normal-visioned users see versus what color blind and low vision users see.”

Accessibility guidelines for UX Designers; “This article focuses mainly on guidelines specific to designers and content writers (to some extent) that would help to build a more accessible product.”

UX Series: Universal Design and Digital Accessibility

Accessibility Matters – Good instructional info

Checklists #

IBM Accessibility Checklist

Images, Video #

Font Awesome Accessibility Guidance

YouTube Closed Captioning for Accessibility: Why and How

Checklist for Creating Accessible Videos

A Guide to Facebook Closed Captioning for Accessibility

Safari HTML5 Canvas Guide

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