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Web Design

Past projects include migrating an old HTML site and outdated Drupal site to WordPress, and a total rebuild of a static HTML site to a new WordPress design. All website design and redesign projects are reviewed first so that I can gather your requirements, and research your present and future needs. I assemble your team and oversee the design to be sure it meets all the latest regulations and compliance requirements. Every site must pass the most recent search engine, mobile, user experience and accessibility  standards.

Content Mapping

Large websites are often built on weak foundations. This has a negative impact on navigation, sense of place, sales funnels and search engine indexing. Content mapping is a manual process, rather than automated. Every page of a website is mapped out, explored for defects, duplicates and structural warnings. This is often the first step for a rebuild or when there is a serious issue with search engines or high bounce rates. This is service is provide by requesting a free quote.

Usability and Conversions Site Reviews

Digital marketing agencies want to know if a website is ready for conversions.  Website owners want to be sure their web site is built to meet current standards for user experience and conversions. Perhaps your website data indicates there are traffic, conversions or abandonment issues.  A site audit is recommended to flush out the smoking gun. Popular site audits are full Usability and Conversions Audits, smaller website reviews focused on just a few pages and usability reviews designed to support SEO and digital marketing investments. All quotes are free.

Accessibility Testing

The only way to reach every potential user is to design to include them regardless of any physical, mental, or emotional disability or struggle. Avoid the risk of lawsuits by getting your site tested for WCAG compliance. Government, financial and educational websites are expected to meet Section 508 compliance.  Compliance standards vary between countries. Take a proactive approach to protect your business.

Web Coach

By phone, email or virtual meeting, if you need support, want to learn how to improve your website’s performance, or maintain your own website, reach out anytime or schedule an appointment.

Kim Krause Berg is your experienced choice for support for:

  • web design
  • software QA functional and usability testing
  • accessibility testing
  • information architecture content mapping, redesign, restructure
  • mobile testing, manual and emulation
  • heuristic evaluations
  • cognitive walkthrough evaluations
  • mockups
  • persuasive design and conversions theory, research, design
  • human computer behavior data
  • server and domain set up
  • outsourcing and networking with experienced professionals