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I’m Taking Names

One of the advantages of growing older online is that my digital basement is packed with stories from the old days of website design and search engines.

There was the time I stood next to Rand Fishkin when he wiped off his shoes. That was apparently so exciting I wrote a blog post about it. We were so young.er.

And the many logos I made.

old cre8pc logo with plugs

Not sure why I wanted to use cables. My Photoshop skills were awesome, right?

There were conferences that I live blogged or delivered talks at or in the case of this particular night in New York, was dragged onstage to be a back up singer for the song “Raisin in the Sun”.

Singing with SEO's

I’m About to Turn 60

And to be honest, it feels really weird.

I don’t think I look 60 years old.  I’m not slowing down. In fact, when we bought our 5 acre homestead and moved in just before Thanksgiving last year, the feedback from everybody except for our realtor was, “Are you crazy!!”. We were living in a house we watched get built and 3 years later, left for a property that has well water, its own septic, a barn from the 1700’s, a house from the 1800’s and the previous owner shot a bear out back with his bow.

I brought over a horse and we have chickens. There are 7 people living here and I still have to yell at someone to take the trash out.

So, I decided to launch a newsletter.

If you were around when Cre8pc.com was my stomping ground, you may recall that I taught SEO there in the 1990’s. When I switched tracks to usability, I launched the blog in 2002 to write about holistic SEO and UX practices.  In those days it was unusual to blog about one’s personal life and business, but I did anyway. Otherwise, what was the point? I had to enjoy the blog too.

My career did several twists and turns and now I find myself with a horse, muddy boots and a burning desire to start teaching again. I taught a course on Usability for 12 years at the now closed Search Engine College. I’m bringing back the course and adding to it.

I also am taking names for a newsletter, called “The User is Out There”. I will play the role of  Fox Mulder, who goes out in search of alien life among the SEO and UX industries.  The content will include tips, cheat sheets, check lists, course info, discussions of interest from Cre8asiteforums, blog posts from me and other cool people and stories. They may not all be about business. That would be boring.

Twice a month. Not a daily newsletter. Or weekly.  It will launch in May.

If you want to sign up, the form is in the footer.

I’m excited. Are you?