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Kim Krause Berg

In Brief

Known globally as an expert in the holistic application of SEO and usability, Kim Krause Berg is President of Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC, providing Usability Consulting services that take advantage of over 22 years’ experience in usability, user experience, accessibility, information architecture, mobile design, user testing, software application functional and usability testing and organic SEO.

She launched (decommissioned) in 1996 as a search engine optimization teaching site.  Trained in Human Factors in 2000, Kim wrote about and taught what she calls “Holistic UX and SEO” and continues that approach in her work.  In 1998, she founded Cre8asiteforums, the first forums to discuss usability and accessibility topics. It was acquired in 2012 by Internet Marketing Ninjas, re-acquired by Kim in December 2017 and closed May 25, 2018.

Her extensive work experience in software testing, internet marketing, human factors, accessibility, information architecture and web design is rare. Kim is a writer, columnist, speaker and taught Basic Website Usability at the now closed Search Engine College for 12 years.  In 2016, she launched a second business, PeacefulWraps, which has expanded and is re-branded under the new name, Dancing Timber Creations.


An equestrian for most of her life, Kim is a staff volunteer at Safe Haven Equine, an award winning racehorse rescue facilitybelonging to her horse riding trainer where she rides and assists in the rehabilitation and training of retired off-track racehorses that are ready for new careers and adoption.  She volunteers for the nationally recognized program out of Philadelphia, Work To Ride, that takes inner city youth and trains them in horse care and competitive polo riding.

Kim with cameraHobbies and Life

An avid photographer, Kim loves to spend time in her gardens, caring for her retired racehorse, Germaniac, and working her family’s farm. Her eldest son is a Marine, Firefighter, Athletic Trainer and EMT, daughter a Yoga and Fitness Instructor and self-employed in natural health modalities, and youngest son is an Eagle Scout presently enrolled in college.  Her husband, Eric, is a performance engineer for a Philadelphia based corporation.

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How I Started

One day in 1995 a neighbor showed me AOL (American Online) and how he could talk to anyone in the world simply by calling a phone number. I was in the process of a mediated divorce, with two small children and no job. On that day, I decided to teach myself how to make websites. A few months later, I was hired by a local company to build and promote 13 websites. I was chosen for the job because I created an animated version of their company mascot and sent that along with my thank you letter following my job interview. By 2000 I had worked for Unisys on their three company global Intranets, built a freelance SEO business and was a User Interface Engineer for VerticalNet. It was while there that I was selected to be trained in usability by a Human Factors Ph.D. and asked to develop methodology for software application usability QA testing.

The dot com “crash” caused the demise of that once great company, and 6 hours after my lay-off, I was hired by AT&T WorldNet to perform usability testing and design support as a sub-contractor and have been providing consulting services ever since.  I have delivered talks at search engine marketing conferences on the relationship between SEO and web site usability, conducted workshops for clients, written for a large number of websites and in 2004 created a course on usability for Search Engine College.  I wrote two ebooks for Internet Marketing Ninjas in September 2014, called “How To Pump Up Your Web Site For Increase Conversions”and “The Secret to Natural Website Conversions”.

Dancing Timber Homestead
pwAfter being trained in Reiki healing in 2014, I realized that I was drawn to healing work on the ex-racehorses I help care for at a local horse Thoroughbred training stable where I ride. In 2016 I launched PeacefulWraps, a side venture with shops on Etsy and Amazon. I invented a product for horses called Peaceful Warmers for Horses. 

In the Fall of 2017 we purchased a small 5-acre Bucks County farm with a 200 year old barn that needs saving. We plan on renovating it for educational and workshop use, as well as expanding my hobby business, which is now known as

My personal story about how I started my career was written about in
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