I am a certified accessibility specialist (CPACC) with an extensive work history in usability, software and website testing and SEO, in addition to being a industry writer and speaker.

Highlighted here is an overview of my career, with training, expertise, and links to my resumes and professional CV. During the pioneering days of the Web I participated in all the top online communities and industry resources of the time.  I founded an online forum for web designers and marketers in 1998 that ran for 20 years and moderated email discussions groups in the mid-1990’s.

My other website is a side project where I gather resources to share. The website is an off-site link.


  • Member of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)
  • Member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)
  • Former Member Information Architecture Institute
  • Former Member of the Usability Professionals Association (UPA)
  • Former Member of Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)

My Usability Course -Search Engine College (closed March 2016) Web Site Usability 101 Course, ran for 12 years.

Kim Krause Berg Official CPACC Certificate
IAAP WAS Certification Preparation
IAAP WAS Course Curriculum Certification


Achieved IAAP CPACC certification December 2020.

2019 – 2021 Enrolled in accessibility IAAP certification and accessibility related courses, Continuing Education, Deque University

Coursework – Interaction Action Design Foundation

Psychology of Interaction Design
User-Centered Design
Conducting Usability Testing
Mobile User Experience Design
Human Computer Interaction
Web Design for Usability
Information Visualization
The Practical Guide to Usability
Dynamic User Experience

Coursework – Udemy

Google Analytics
Photoshop for Beginners
Learning Responsive Design
Design for Engagement


Kim is interviewed by Mentors on Tap Episode 30 – Transcribed and captioned Video on Accessibility, March 22, 2021

Kim is interviewed by Doc Sheldon, October 2019 – 
Mentors On Tap – Ep. 18 – Accessibility

Kim Krause Berg delivered a talk on how to prevent ADA accessibility lawsuits January 12, 2021 for Search Engine Journal’s eSummit.

Featured speaker on #SEOisAEO series on the topics of IA, Accessibility and SEO:

3 Pillars of a successful AEO strategy, pertinence, understanding, credibility

Semantic HTML5, IA and Accessibility – so many missed opportunities

Kim is interviewed by Matt Bailey  – Digital Accessibility Matters

AMA Experience Design Conference Promotion Screenshot
Kim delivered the Ending Keynote for the American Marketing Association Conference, April 15, 2021


The following are a series of podcast discussions usability, web design, SEO, accessibility, testing and more conducted between Matt Bailey and Kim Krause Berg.
Endless Coffee Cup Podcast: “Usable Websites”

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast: “Usable Expectations”

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast: “Profitable Testing”

Kim Krause Berg Podcast – Usability, by Eric Enge, October 12, 2007 Podcast


Ebooks Written by Kim 

How to Pump Up Your Web Site for Increased Conversions

The Secret to Natural Website Conversions

Talks on Slideshare – See all Eleven Talks

Honorable Mentions and Industry Shout-Outs

Kim mentioned in SEO For Dummies book.

Women Who Shaped SEO, Mar 20, 2018, “Thanks, Kim, for all of the great foundations you have given all of us when it comes to usability and SEO.”

Kim Krause Berg – The Search Community Honors You – Dec 7, 2017; ” I often think of her as the caring and thoughtful mother of our industry.”

140 of Today’s Top SEO Experts to Follow, December 27, 2017

10 Mentors Who Can Help You Understand SEO and the SEO Industry, November 22, 2016

30 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips for Marketing A Small Business, November 2016

46 Usability Experts You Should Follow, February 2016

Mentioned in Forward of book, Professional Search Engine Optimization with ASP.NET: A Developer’s Guide to SEO, By Cristian Darie, Jaimie Sirovich

Mentioned in Forward of book, Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day By Matt Bailey

The Women Who Made SEO Great , March 27, 2012

Writing Samples

Kim’s Articles for Hochman Consultants

Website Accessibility & the Law: Why Your Website Must Be Compliant, January 2019

Why Accessibility Will Matter More in 2016 and Beyond

Search News Central – Kim Krause Berg, Author, SNC

The Sacred Act of Giving Away Expertise

What in the World is ARIA? Kim Krause Berg interviews accessibility expert, Joe Dolson

Keyword Relevance and The Stories They Could Tell Us

Website Visitors are Not Prey

On the Radio

Speaking with Search, Social, Link and Content Pros at PubCon SFIMA Summit 2013 – We discussed Social Media Optimization and Conversion on Facebook as Kim Krause-Berg, the Usability Analyst/Founder for Cre8asiteforums for Internet Marketing Ninjas, shared best practices and techniques for social media marketing on Facebook.

Ecommerce Site Conversions and Providing a Holiday Conversion Checklist – Ecommerce Site Conversions and Providing a Holiday Conversion Checklist as Kim Krause Berg from Internet Marketing Ninjas returns as a guest. The busiest shopping season of the year starts in less than 2 weeks! Let’s make sure your store is ready! Kim Krause Berg of Internet Marketing Ninjas. Last month we discussed her new ebook Secrets to Natural Website Conversions. Today she is helping us to create a holiday checklist for your store.

Secrets to Natural Website Conversions with Kim Krause Berg of Internet Marketing Ninjas – Talking about the new ebook Secrets to Natural Website Conversions with Kim Krause Berg of Internet Marketing Ninjas. Kim teaches us how to make a connection with your site visitors in under five seconds. She also discusses how to increase your conversions by combining usability design and organic search engine optimization.

Industry Writer

I’ve been writing about search engine optimization and later, SEO and usability, since 1998. I began writing more about accessibility topics in 2016.

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Older Interviews

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Featured in May 27, 2009 in an article called “SuperMom Succeeds” (No longer online.)

“Kim Krause Berg was just named one of the top 200 moms in business
by, a Web site that provides entrepreneurial advice.”

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