• Accessibility

    Confusion Continues in the US Over Website Accessibility Regulations

    There continues to be ongoing confusion over whether or not websites must be ADA compliant in the USA, despite promises for clarity and guidance on accessibility guidelines from the government. Driven by an alarming number of ADA lawsuits in the online retail and financial sectors, many corporations opted to build accessibility into their websites from the ground up by following WCAG guidelines. However, without any legal reason to provide accessible web pages, it was too easy for most other companies not to. This opened the doors to lawyers who specialize in ADA lawsuits and litigation soared, creating what eventually became H.R. 620, The ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017. Passed by the House in February 2017, H.R. 620 stalled…

  • Usability,  User Testing

    Web and Software Developers: Step Away From the Keyboard and Watch UX

    Woman on street with cell phone

    I propose a new job description called “Real Life User Experience Testing”, whose role is to assist  software and website developers by luring them away from the white board and drop them into reality. I think about real life user experiences because I watch your software in use and wonder why you didn’t. Every company that plans, designs, builds and markets products associated with computers relies on tools and specific methodologies for testing performed in-house. From the day ideas are born and scribbled on white boards or napkins at the bar after a few beers, the journey begins. Investors are contacted, or at least fantasized about. Overtime is demanded by everybody. Test plans are written. User personas are developed. Salespeople write press releases. Business analysis,…