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    Recent Articles by Kim Krause Berg on Usability, Conversions and Accessibility

    Web Design Ideas to Make a Great First Impression Imagine you are setting up shop on a street in your neighborhood, and wherever you look, another shop is selling the same products and services. This is what it is like for businesses on the web. How can you stand out from the crowd? How To Increase Website Conversions What are the best ways to increase website conversions for small and medium sized businesses?  Is your website bringing in the results you expect?  Why Your Online Small Business Should Meet Website Accessibility ADA Guidelines As a small business owner, you may be familiar with federal, state and local regulations when setting up your office or store and preparing for staff and…

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    Website Accessibility and Do Not Enter Signs

    The sign on the glass entrance doorway to the store made it very clear who they refused to serve. “No shoes, no shirt, no service,” became so prevalent that most people know to wear shoes and a shirt if they want to buy a soda and chocolate bar. Stores used to say they only served white people. Today, some businesses may not hire employees based on religious preferences, gender identification or sexual preference. Several companies publicly state they will not sell to specific groups of people they dislike. For these companies, an executive decision is made to deny service to groups of people. It is their right to discriminate they claim, and they will take that right to choose to…

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    Accessibility and Increasing Conversions

    One of the best takeaways readers enjoyed from my recent articles published at the Search Engine Journal was simple logic for increasing website conversions. While You’re Here, Go There Now The trick to optimizing calls to action is to present the action at the precise moment when your website visitor is most interested in taking the next step. Optimize Your CTA: Better Alternatives to ‘Click Here’ How do you prevent your company from being a target for a website accessibility ADA lawsuit? Some judges have ruled that the lack of regulation or legal standards for website accessibility does not mean that accessibility should be ignored. How Your Company Can Prevent ADA Website Accessibility Lawsuits Next month, my topic is specifically…

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    How To Hire Kim Krause Berg For Usability and Accessibility Site Reviews

    Last month I partnered with internet marketing company, Hochman Consultants, as a part-time Senior Consultant to add usability and accessibility services for their clients.   Since this is new, I felt I might take some time to answer your questions about how and where to hire me for usability and accessibility site reviews. What is the Main Reason for Joining Hochman Consultants? As an independent consultant I am a third party vendor for agencies in need of website usability assistance. Building and promoting a website is not a one-person job anymore. The technology changed quickly, creating the need for more skills. Internet marketing has grown into its own industry, with branches for people and companies to specialize in, such as…