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Writings by Kim Krause Berg

The User Is Out There

SEJ Video
My last conference was the 2013 PubCon held in Las Vegas where I was interviewed at Search Engine Journal booth. Gather your site requirements. Research what your customers, readers and visitors want. Avoid distractions. Don't hide your calls to action. Watch the 7 minute video and learn some tips for designing your website for your target audience.
User testing helps in finding great feedback.
Finding user testing to be out of the question for most companies, I decided to find a way to make an affordable user testing option for any website owner curious about their website visitors' experience. Google Analytics tells one side of the story.  Heatmaps and click track studies provide more clues, such as where visitors are looking on a page and what buttons and links they follow.  Page load times, page abandonment rates, time on site, top keywords and top pages are noted in software testing and search engine marketing tools, but there is no human voice explaining what they are …
Ecom Experts
On November 18, 2014 I was on Webmaster Radio for the Ecom Experts show.  Host Shawna Seigel interviewed me on ecommerce conversions tips for the holiday season. Every time Shawn and I chat on her radio show we discuss how to help ecommerce websites by implementing changes that enhance user experience.   I always try to share something new and this show contains lots of fun tips and insights for immediate implementation. The show can be listened to here. Super Easy Tips for Boosting Your Conversion Rates with Kim Krause Berg