Special Deal on Usability Site Review

 Immediate Conversions Lift

Website Usability Reviews provide recommendations for solutions that result in increased conversions and an improved user experience.

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Celebrate your conversions lift!

Save money and prove the value of website testing for yourself by ordering a website usability site audit with recommendations you can follow that will immediately increase your conversions.

Here is your opportunity to discover new opportunities for achieving online success.

You would be surprised to learn how many companies promote broken websites.  That’s lost money and wasted time for everyone.  And for your brand? Too risky.

Can My Website Be Better?

It’s hard to know for sure if your website is performing well if you don’t know what to look for. Can it be better?  Are your visitors leaving too quickly? Would you like to obtain an expert review to find out?

A user friendly website not only ranks better in search engines. It can also:

  1. Get more traffic
  2. Generate more income
  3. Be easier to use
  4. Inspire more subscriptions
  5. Trigger more phone calls
  6. Generate buzz for more referrals
  7. Reach more people
  8. Pass the latest design guidelines and standards
  9. Be used by disabled and special needs persons
  10. Meet your business goals

Your Usability Testing Investment Pays for Itself (And this special deal is a no brainer!)

Kim Krause Berg Usability Consultant
Kim Krause Berg

For a one time fee of $545, your website is taken for a spin by an expert usability consultant. Kim Krause Berg is famous for finding hidden defects, accessibility liability issues, user experience frustration pain points, and providing new opportunities for conversions.

The best way to save money on usability testing is to focus on web pages that best represent the overall user experience and business requirements for your website. The Usability Site Review lets you pick 5 pages from your website that will provide keen insight into your website’s overall performance.

Popular page choices are the homepage, product page, blog page, template layout, services, and contact form.  If you are aware of a page with a high bounce rate, that is a possible contender. (Note: Shopping cart and application testing is not included.)

Your customized confidential report includes:

  1. Professional evaluation by an experienced usability professional
  2. Usability standards check
  3. User experience, persuasive design, conversions review
  4. Trust, authenticity, credibility standards check
  5. Readability, understandability
  6. Four accessibility WCAG2.0 tests
  7. Navigation and information architecture check
  8. Mobile test  for Google and Bing mobile indexing criteria
  9. 20% discount on any full website usability site audit (Good for one year, per quote and contract.)
  • Your report arrives within 2 – 4 weeks of your order in PDF format. No formal contract is necessary. No phone consultation is required or included. A form for 1099 tax purposes is provided on request.
  • Each report contains a summary, prioritizing of top action items, alerts, actionable recommendations, screenshots, tips, test results, resources, observations, guidance and encouragement.

Please use the form below to get your request into the timeline. You will receive a confirmation email, the chance to describe any known issues, choose your pages, choose payment and obtain deliverable information.