Homepage Usability Review

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As your top landing page, the job of a homepage should not be under estimated. It sets the stage for your brand and can help determine the success or failure of a website in seconds.  A Homepage Usability Review is powerful because it alerts you of any issues and looks for opportunities for enhancements that are easy and fast to implement.

Cost: $475  Check or PayPal by Invoice

Your customized report includes:

  1. Professional evaluation by an experienced usability professional
  2. Usability standards check
  3. User experience design review
  4. Trust, authenticity, credibility standards check
  5. Persuasive design check with recommendations
  6. Conversions evaluation with recommendations
  7. Readability, understandability
  8. Four basic accessibility criteria tests
  9. Tips, resources
  10. 25% discount on any full website usability site audit (Good for one year)
  • Your report arrives within 2 weeks of your order (or faster) in PDF format. No formal contract is necessary. No phone consultation is required or included.
  • Each report contains a summary, alerts, actionable recommendations, screenshots, observations, guidance and encouragement.

Please use the form below to get your request into the timeline. I will follow up with confirmation, invoice and deliverable information.