Usability Audits

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Website Usability Site Audits Provide New Opportunities and Solutions

The purpose of a website usability and conversions site audit is to verify and provide proof that your website is ready to meet your business and website requirements, customer expectations and website standards. 

Remove the Mystery

The only way to know for sure if your website is working properly is to test its performance and compliance to web design standards.  Most companies wait until it’s too late.

Did you know that user interface engineers, graphic designers and software programmers are not always trained in usability, human factors, software QA testing, mobile device testing and accessibility testing? Understandably so.

There is a great deal to know.

The risk to your business is low conversions, poor revenue, and a brand that is not trusted.  Search engines notice. Don’t wait for bad news.  

Custom Website Audits Guide Decisions

The findings found in your audit serve two purposes.  The first is that your usability specialist acts as an advocate for your web site visitors. Secondly, the content provided supports web development teams, project management, and business stakeholders through discovery and testing.

The results aid with decision making, marketing, design improvements and exploring new opportunities for improvement.

Your Five Second Window

Web sites must conform to industry standards to properly render on all browsers, operating systems and computer devices. These standards change constantly due to advances in computer technology and research. For user experience and persuasive design, there are several thousand user interface design heuristics.  Every web page visitor who arrives from search engines to use your web site, form or online software, regardless of any physical limitation, expects to understand how to use your website.

In fact, you have 5 seconds to convince them to stay.

Taking notes It takes a trained usability detective to uncover the reasons for page abandonment or why sales funnels aren’t meeting your expectations. Persuasive conversions design is driven by the neurosciences and human computer behavior research.   Pay per click landing pages are not magical revenue gift givers unless the page advances visitors to specific tasks without confusing them.

Search engines reward mobile design.  Universal accessibility improvements are your competitive advantage.

Creative Vision Web Consulting Uses a Proprietary Test Process

No two usability site audits are alike.

Based on over 20 years of testing, the value of a customized usability website audit over those generated with automation tools, cookie cutter templates and less experienced staff makes your investment truly wise.

Personalized reports conducted by Kim Krause Berg investigate performance in many areas, based on our discussions and the scope of the project.  They include:

  • Persuasive design/Conversions design
  • Information architecture/taxonomies
  • Usability standards/user centered design/user experience design
  • Momentum/Trust/Credibility/Authenticity
  • Basic SEO
  • Mobile UI/Manual device testing/Mobile tests on Google and Bing
  • Accessibility WCAG2.1/Section 508/Basic guidelines
  • Shopping cart functional/UI
  • Forms functional/data integrity/UI

What Does an Audit Report Include?

Your written report  provides feedback, recommendations and actionable steps to take in areas that may require repair or enhancements.

Metrics, screenshots, test data and mock ups may be included.  Every effort is made to prioritize and most importantly, find opportunities for enhancements. 

 All projects begin with a Requirements Analysis at the start of the work.  Your audit is conducted under strict privacy compliance.  You can request additional services such as an SEO audit add-on, content mapping of the entire information architecture and user personas.

Website redesign projects are accepted on a case by case basis and based on my availability. You can expect a minimum of 30 pages and up to 100 pages for a large site audit.

How Much is a Site Audit?

That depends on the size and type of website.  Work begins 2 – 6 weeks after acceptance of the proposal. Pricing is detailed here by service.

Additional details are described in What Does a Usability Audit Look Like?

Proposals are always free.