Website Support Services

Flower in vaseWordPress Websites

The most affordable option for local business and especially new startups and blogs is a WordPress website.  My clients are provided with the opportunity to use my host for their server needs at my cost for huge savings. Every website designed by Creative Vision Website Consulting meets mobile device requirements for Google.

 Monthly or Ongoing Maintenance

I provide an additional monthly service for each client, customized to fit your needs and budget, whether this is an hour or five hours.  Every situation is unique.  Support can be in the form of email or phone advice, Google Analytics, social media marketing, weekly backups, edits and updates to your site and more.  For those who want a blog but don’t wish to learn WordPress, they simply email me their content and I post it in their blog, find images, optimize it for search engine queries and send them the link to their new post. Owning a website is a long term investment. I will advise you on matters regarding site security, search engine rules and updates, new requirements for design and otherwise be your personal adviser. In the event your business grows, I have a global network of companies that I can refer you to for expansion or taking your website to the next level.

Business Website Support Services

When you need a new website or redesign, look for someone with the proper skills.  Experienced web developers know that using automated, cheap web site services are not sustainable over time, provide cookie cutter designs, and do not produce websites ready to compete in search engines.

My Corporate Work Experience

I have worked on websites in most verticals, including ecommerce, finance, healthcare, travel, news publications, legal, government and small business startups.

Usability and user experience site reviews and audits
Conversions and persuasive design analysis
User testing lab
Shopping cart user interface and functional testing
Information architecture
Accessibility testing – WCAG2.1, Section 508, PAS78
Mobile testing, manual and emulation
Requirements gathering and documentation
Online software application user interface and functional testing
User behavior data and research
Organic SEO
Project management and monthly maintenance
WordPress support
Host/Server reseller
Domain registration