What Is The Value of a Site Audit?

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If you’re shopping for a website audit, it may surprise you to learn there are several types, methodologies and goals to consider. From a quick five-second user test to an in-depth full site audit, each one provides valuable information.

Benefits of a Usability Site Audit

  • Meeting the most recent web design standards.
  • Validating business and target market requirements.
  • Avoiding an ADA accessibility lawsuit.
  • Looking for barriers to conversions.
  • Finding defects and prioritizing problems.
  • Creating a plan for improvements.

Website Usability Site Audits Provide New Conversions Opportunities

Whether you choose a full website usability and conversions site audit, simple website review, or periodic website checkups, the goal is peace of mind.

The only way to know for sure if your website is working properly is to test its performance and review its compliance to the most recent web design standards.

Did you know that user interface engineers, graphic designers and software programmers are not always trained in usability, human factors, software QA testing, mobile device testing and accessibility testing? Understandably so.

There is a great deal to know. The risk to your business is low conversions, poor revenue, and a brand that is not trusted.  Search engines notice. Don’t wait for bad news.  

Investing in a Full Site Audit Provides a Competitive Advantage

There are stories hiding within your data and mysteries waiting to be solved. Why do some pages perform better than others? Are all the latest recommended guidelines for user experience design met? Did conversions drop? Do the pages perform as expected?

It’s a great idea to take your website in for an inspection, much the same way we take our cars in for routine maintenance. A usability audit that includes conversions feedback, accessibility testing and a review of the overall information architecture provides peace of mind and the potential of finding new opportunities for improvements.

You want to stick the landing.

Site audits vary in scope and price.

When you receive the results of a site audit, apply every change or enhancement you can. Being informed helps with knowing exactly what to repair and when. This will extend the life of your web property and possibly your business.

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