What Is The Value of a Site Audit?

Full site audit website testing is a more formal, task driven, requirements based approach used by companies that may have met their business goals and wish to find new ways to improve their web app or site to keep their positive momentum going.

If you’re shopping for a website audit, it may surprise you to learn there are several types, methodologies and goals to consider. From a quick five-second user test to an in-depth full site audit, each one provides valuable information.

The kind of information a company is looking for helps to determine the scope of a site audit. A quick “what do you think of my website?” approach helps the ego but isn’t helpful if the goal is to understand if the user interface is rendering properly for your particular target audience in specific environments using various computer devices.

Stick The Landing

Most SEO’s will formulate new strategies for rank and find new top keywords to attract clicks. In the search engine sea, battles rage on every day.  The ships off in the distance with users walking the plank are those sites where the staff ignored their needs and are literally driving visitors to jump ship.

Those unmet needs occurred when users arrived from search results where every meta description and title tag were agonized over and adjusted to nudge rank. It sounded so good in the snippet and yet once arriving, if your visitors can’t find what you promised is there, they aren’t sticking around.

This is one of the most coveted values of website testing. You want to stick the landing.

Investing in a Full Site Audit Provides a Competitive Advantage

Site audits are rarely performed in the same way.  An SEO performs a site audit and a usability analyst performs a site audit and a conversions specialist performs a site audit and each will not only apply different methodologies, they will limit the output by whatever skills they are best trained in. Some digital marketing companies outsource to put together this team that brings together the most productive skills. It speaks well of that company to provide site audits from a holistic approach.  In this way, they demonstrate their desire to discover the needs of the company requesting help at a much more insightful, expertly skilled and applicable level.

It’s also a good idea to choose a company that understands the value of each site audit and how they compliment each other rather than conflict. If an SEO doesn’t value usability, they shun a vital part of testing. The same happens in the reverse. In truth, a full site audit is non-partisan in scope and includes SEO, usability, accessibility, information architecture, mobile and conversions testing.

Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC provides independent site audits directly to companies or as an outsource vendor to marketing and web design companies wishing for advanced, robust, expert, detailed usability, information architecture, mobile and accessibility testing skills.  Feel free to inquire.

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