What do I need to know to own a website?

Download this free 51 page PDF publication today and learn everything you need to know about website ownership, from the start of your first idea to maintaining your new website.

What You Need to Know Before You Build a Website

 (Or Hire Someone to Create It for You)

How many agonizing hours have you lost since you launched your website because you didn’t know what questions to ask the company you hired? Not to mention the money you spent. All you really needed was someone honest enough to tell you what you need to know before you build a website or hire someone to build it for you.

After watching friends and clients struggling and making my own mistakes over the past twenty-something years in the web design industry, I thought it might be helpful to prepare you.

What if you could turn back time to before you first decided you wanted your own website?

Learn website ownership topics such as:

I Want a Successful Website
The Most Important Questions
What do I need to know before I start to build a website?
Who do I hire?
What do I need to know so that I won’t lose money I really don’t have to spare?
What is owning a website really like?
Why Do I Want a Website?

Plus: You receive two checklists to guide and keep you informed.

Plus: Your FREE Download comes with instructions on how to perform the most critically important website test on your existing website or it can be used to help you instruct your web designer to understand exactly what you want for your website.

What You Need to Know Before You Build a Website

 (Or Hire Someone to Create It for You)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew in advance everything you need to know?

What if you didn’t need to be completely dependent on other people to make your website successful? Do you prefer to be your own boss?  How cool would it be to avoid all the mistakes other website owners make?

Save yourself time, money and aggravation today.  Download your free 51 page PDF guide that includes how to conduct your own most important website test for your existing website, or use it to know what you need to pass this most vital test if you are creating your website.

Clock on the wall
There is no time like the present to own a successful website.

This free guide is packed with content and tips intended to get you going right away. It’s easy to understand. You will feel confident in knowing you are informed and not going to be taken advantage of.

Make good decisions now.

Download your free copy of What You Need to Know Before You Build a Website, (Or Hire Someone to Create It for You) today. There is no catch. No email. No credit card. Just help for you because your success is important.